Minimum Garage Ceiling Height Required for Wall-Mounted Openers: 5 important questions answered

This full-view garage door is in the California, 18' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass.

This modern glass garage door has a wide opening, allowing the garage door to brighten and lighten the space. This is a garage door that makes entertaining easy. The hardware for the garage door fades away, rendering the garage door opener almost invisible. This California full-view garage door offers glass and a black metal frame.

Is your garage dated? Are you starting from scratch and adding a garage? There are so many options for garage makeovers. You can truly make the space your own with just a few simple steps.

The options are endless for garage doors and openers. There is a lot to learn when shopping for them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but our team is here to help you. Garage door professionals have a plethora of information to give you. Answering any question you might have.

Understanding the requirements for your garage and garage door measurements might boggle your mind. How much clearance do you need? Will headroom make a difference in the lift or garage door opener you purchase? Keep reading, and we can help clear up the confusion.

Here are popular questions asked about garage measurements, clearance, wall-mounted garage door openers, and garage door completion. Wading through the information can be confusing, especially when there are so many garage door options!

We can help you understand garage door headroom and what garage door opener options work for you, depending on your garage door headroom.

Q1: Do you know what garage door headroom is? How much do you need for your overhead door?

A helpful illustration to see where are all of the locations to look at when measuring a garage door.

Garage door essential measurements are easy to understand when you see the diagram. This picture should help you when measuring to ensure your garage door will fit. This is essential to make sure the garage door has enough room to function.

Proper Garage headroom clearance gives you room between the top of the door opening and your ceiling for installation. Good door movement, as well as garage door size, allows your garage door to work smoothly.

Q2: Can a low clearance overhead door be installed if I have a low headroom door?

Low headroom means there is not enough room for a standard lift. A standard lift is what is most used for home garages.

Looking at the measurements, this means the amount of room above the garage door for extension springs is less than 8 ½ inches and less than 10 inches for torsion spring over the garage door header.

You might find low headroom in these situations…

  • Home built several years ago with shorter garages
  • Brand new homes (make sure the floorplan has enough room above the garage door)
  • Ceilings that do double-duty with storage
  • Construction with a concrete frame

Here's a technical drawing of a low headroom garage door.

This is an excellent example of low front headroom. Looking at the ceiling, you can see little room for the garage door tracks.

How do front and rear low headroom differ?

Where the spring and drums are located is what determines front and rear. For example, front low headroom means you need front mount springs.

Notice the difference between low headroom front vs rear garage door

It might help to look at an example of front and rear low headroom. You will notice that the drums are not located in the same area. Low headroom also requires specific hardware with two tracks laid on top of each other.

To answer the question, you can install a low headroom garage door. You simply need the right parts.

Low headroom hardware, is made for overhead garage doors with low headroom. The image above shows you how the two tracks are laid out.

The upper part of the door uses the upper track. The three remaining areas use the lower track. This is done, so the top door section moves faster and doesn’t need as much clearance.

Q3: What steps are needed to put in for a garage door with low clearance?

Other than putting the garage door opener and springs in a different location, low headroom garage doors are completed the same way as other overhead doors. There are hardware differences, like horizontal tracks, bottom brackets, and top roller brackets.

These garage doors are in the Village Collection, A Design, Plank base, 9' x 7', Cherry, windows with Cascade Inserts.

Many homes have concrete basement walls. This also typically means lower ceilings in your garage and lower headroom. The Village Collection A Design, Plank base, 9' x 7', Cherry, windows with Cascade Insert is pictured. Many people opt for designs that give a rustic look.

Q4: How do I know if I need a wall-mounted opener?

You might have heard of a jackshaft, or a wall-mounted opener. This is a garage door opener attached to the wall of the garage door. You will see them in garages with high lift clearance and vaulted ceilings.

Essentially, the garage door opener uses the door’s torsion bar to move the door rather than using a rail track.

Many people like wall-mounted garage door openers thanks to their many options. You can use them with any lift: standard, high, low front headroom, and inclined track.

Historically they have not been used in homes, but their popularity is growing. Unfortunately, the front, low-headroom option might not be the best option.

A picture of the LiftMaster 5500W wall-mounted door opener with all the accessories it's coming with

The LiftMaster wall-mounted garage door opener has a lot of positive reviews. The LiftMaster 8500W model has low maintenance and doesn’t take up overhead garage space. LiftMaster garage door openers include myQ technology. This means you can control your garage door wherever you are.

You can never have too much overhead garage storage!

Jackshafts are the answer if you are looking for increased overhead garage space. This is because you don’t have to worry about the garage door opener and a central rail taking up space.

But what do you do with the extra space? You can store various products to hang your items from the ceiling. Family Handyman has excellent advice when it comes to storage:

  • Smaller pieces can be stored using nets
  • Garage storage lifts hold larger items
  • Hooks for larger items are readily available and handy
  • Racks installed to the ceiling are also an option

If you want to renovate your garage and use it as extra living space, a wall-mounted garage door opener is a great choice!

Garage renovations are popular and add much-needed space. There are several things you can use the area for. All it takes is a little imagination and planning to turn your garage into what best suits you.

Your garage can become a much-needed retreat for meditation or a game room for your guests.

A beautiful garage conversion into a light-filled living space.

Your garage might not look like much, but with a bit of work you can make it the perfect space for you. You already have the garage door light to liven up the room. Use this to your advantage! You can find ideas for your garage redo on HGTV’s website.

Budget Dumpster, a dumpster rental option across the United States, also has garage conversion ideas:

  • An open place for the kids to play
  • A college student’s getaway
  • A guest space
  • Creative space for family members
  • Your new remote office
  • Movie or a game room

If entertaining friends for sporting events is something you like to do, then turn your garage into the best pub in your neighborhood This video can give you a head start!

With a wall-mounted garage door opener, your garage is more attractive and welcoming without the garage door opener on the ceiling.

Q5: Do you need a lot of clearance for a wall-mounted garage door opener?

Since it’s mounted on the wall, headroom isn’t an issue. Instead, you’ll be installing your wall-mounted opener with alternative mounting kits!

If you don’t have the amount of space needed above the garage door (center of the shaft) to install a garage door opener, installation is still possible.

It doesn’t matter if you have standard or low headroom; a wall-mounted opener is a great option for you. The garage door opener can be manipulated below the torsion bar with an alternate mounting kit. This makes this an easy choice for your space!

Alternate mounting kit if your wall-mounted garage door opener cannot be installed to the torsion bar.

Two gear systems are utilized with the alternate mounting kit. You can put the shaft on top and the opener below. Jackshaft openers are the perfect time to use a kit since they cannot be directly connected to the torsion bar.

You will need at least 8 ½ inches of room on one side of the door for the opener's casing and shaft collar.

Are you ready to shop for your garage door?

Shopping is the best part! Garage door design and color options help you make a statement! A garage door might create the curb appeal you’re looking for.

Here at The Door Company, we offer three garage door styles, including Traditional, Carriage House, and Contemporary. The wide range of garage doors ensures you will find the one for you.

You can choose a color to complement your house, landscaping, or favorite sports team. It’s all up to you.

This garage door is in the Princeton P-11 design, 9' x 8', Ice White doors and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

These are Traditional garage doors are classic in white. The design allows for a timeless look. Our garage doors are customized with you in mind. We have several garage door sizes to choose from. You can even select your window options. Here is the Princeton P-11 design, 9’ x 8', Ice White doors and design, eight lite Panoramic windows.

Our digital tools can help bring your new garage door to life!

Check out our Design Centre. You’ll have fun playing with options that match your desire and style. Garage door designs and colors are uploaded to see what looks best. You can add windows and decorative hardware to your garage door to get the exact look you want.

Then, check out how the garage door you create will look on your home! Seeing the whole project will let you know if it’s the right garage door for you. The Design Centre puts you in charge of your garage door!

Want to know more about ordering and installation?

For an overhead door and garage door opener installation, contact us at 613-821-2130!

Garage door professionals are here to help bring your garage door dreams to life. They are top notch in their field, ready to complete any garage door services you might need. This includes garage door installations and repairs.

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