Is your garage dated? Are you starting from scratch and adding a garage? There are so many options for garage makeovers. You can truly make the space your own with just a few simple steps.
Some places get lots of power outages. Others only have this issue on occasion. Regardless, we've all gone through it at one point or another. The lightning, thunder, and rain can be a precursor to a sticky situation. It can send you scrambling to find candles and flashlights in a matter of seconds.
Of course, you can’t just dive into designing a garage. Some steps need to come first, including taking the time to make some very important decisions. It’s not a bad process and you do stand to learn a lot. Plus, you’ll be a lot more involved in the process by knowing what you want.
When the pandemic caused more people to be homebound for extended periods, a lot of people took a look around and started rethinking their designs. Whether it’s for style or for the various uses they need in the home, new trends are popping up that are sure to turn heads.

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