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Breezy Living Screen Solutions

Breezy Living Garage Doors Screen Solutions are an easy-to-use, affordable and fully retractable screen unit that provide a comfortable outdoor living space. Working seamlessly with the operation of your existing garage door, the system uses a vertical and horizontal track system mounted directly inside the existing door, leaving the floor track-free.

A “door-within-a-door” system, Breezy Living Screen Solutions is one of the most innovative and unique screen systems for garages and offers an exit door without the need to retract the entire screen. Breezy Living Sreen Garage Doors feature a unique sliding pass door that lets you enter or leave the garage without opening the entire door. Avoid the high cost of electric retractable doors and eliminate the problems of floor tracks on sliding doors with Breezy Living Screen Solutions.

These screen door solutions are affordable, easy to install and simple to use. Contact The Door Company for further information on screening types, frame colors and imaging on screens.

Exceptional Job Derek! You explained the features / components very well! Thank you! Judy Sullivan

Kirk did a great job with our door (and in taking care of us). We were happy with him and his work. J. Lavoie, Kemptville

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Garage Door Works GREAT!  We contacted you for a service call on a door that was oversized and sitting crooked in the opening.  The garage door is working wonderfully!  A great job done by The Door Co. J. Huffman, Trenton […]

Wanted to say thank you Loyd for coming to our aid over the past few days to help resolve our garage door issue. Our maintenance supervisor could not find a company that would provide same day service, but you, your […]

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